This option is available for those registered in one of the Vineyard to Bay races. (25k, 15k, 10k, or 5k) The eight week session will begin July 3 and end on race day, August 27, 2017. Email Ross at for details. Visit for event details. 


The following eight week training schedules are designed with five guidelines in mind-

1) Each individual can determine how many days a week they wish to run (3, 4, 5, or 6) and whether they wish to average 30, 45, or 60 minutes per run.  Your input is used to create a structured plan. See the section Training Levels for an explanation of options that best fit the distance you wish to run.

2) Each individual can determine if they want to gradually build up their level of training or maintain a level they are accustomed to from the beginning.

3) Creating a plan with six types of training runs to optimize the time you put into your training. See the Definition section for easy, relaxed, fartlek, steady, LSD and timed loops.

4) Creating a balance between difficult training runs that improve your fitness level and easier training runs that allow for recovery. See the What is Plan Peak section for an explanation of the four levels or degree of difficulty days: A, B, C, D.

5)  You have the option to maintain a log chart. (recommended)  Once each week is completed I do ask for a Sunday recap via email on how the week went.